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Oak Hill, FL

Shrimp and Grits


Grilled shrimp over cheesy grits with crumbled bacon. Spice it up with blackened shrimp and pico de gallo! +$2

Seafood Preparation:Fried Grilled Blackened +$1Coconut Breaded +$1Panko Breaded +$1
Sides - Choose 2:Baked Beans Coleslaw Cheese Grits French Fries Black-eyed Peas Sliced Tomatoes Southern Greens Applesauce Extra Hushpuppies Sweet Potato Fries +$2Onion Rings +$2Fried Okra +$2Vegetable Medley +$2
Blackened Shrimp & Pico de Gallo:Spice It Up with Blackened Shrimp and Pico De Gallo! +$2